MURAL HARBOR: Whoops… Art!

Linz’s Gallery by Accident

Open-air urban galleries are pretty impressive and a few cities around the globe are continuously working on creating their very own version. But imagine a voyager variant if you will; a maritime adaptation to the pedestrian gallery. There just might be only one place on this whole earth where something like this can be found. It exists in the harbor of Linz in Austria. The freight container complex was originally not intended as a space for street art. A small group of mature skateboarders and snowboarders will tell you that the Harbor is “the coolest place in the city”. It’s raw aesthetic and pure industrial feel radiates the aura of another time. After rediscovering this abandoned wasteland, this group of friends conjured up some frugal creativity and started creating a space that was truly their own. They have thrived on the inspiration they have reaped from the sweeping mix of disengaged coldness of the old harbor grounds and the vivacious wildlife that has reoccupied the empty spaces. Mural Harbor – Open Gallery in Linz



In 2012, for aesthetic reasons, STOHEAD was invited to paint a large-scale piece on a grey wall opposite to the club’s balcony. But as with so many of our featured projects… they often just start with just one wall. A year later ROA stopped by, and a year after that ARYZ.  A literal harbor of murals began to grow and it became obvious there was potential for a sizable project. With that in mind, an infrastructure was established and a roster was curated for further ongoing additions. Today Mural Harbor has surpassed 100 murals created by artists from 25 different nations. And of course, MONTANA is hugely supportive of this amazingly unique project. We are always on the lookout for graffiti fans and creatives who decide to take matters into their own hands; and with the Mural Harbor team, we have found great ones.


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Photos by @Selimeins