SatOne was invited to cooperate with a project seminar at the academic high school in Kirchseeon, near Munich. During this year`s seminar, it was the task of the students to support the realization of this project, look for sponsors, to organize the presentation and to document the emergence of the mural. SatOne realized his new work “NEUGIER“ on a 65 square-meter wall in the hall of the high school. He captured the movement of architectural elements like the spiral staircase and natural elements of the surrounding environment.It was the goal to create sustainability that leads to motivation and free interpretations of the students. The mural was officially unveiled by the head of district authorities and school management.

satone-neugier-01 satone-neugier-02 satone-neugier-03 satone-neugier-04 satone-neugier-05 satone-neugier-06 satone-neugier-07 satone-neugier-08 satone-neugier-09neugier_a neugier-c neugier_b