The Swiss based artist duo Christian Rebecchi & Pablo Togni aka NEVERCREW are set to participate with the long list of esteemed artists that have taken part in the Germany city of Mannheim’s mural festival, STADT.WAND.KUNST (SWK). The NEVERCREW is renowned for its large scale mural work and its fascination with creating images of  the natural worldwhich is a perfect marriage for SWK which is based in the industrial town of Mannheim that plenty of large open wall spaces to offer participating artists and citizens that are open and welcoming of the introduction of any natural elements to their surrounds. NEVERCREW Mannheim STADT.WAND.KUNST


The NEVERCREW will begin production of their next mural in Mannheim from June 26th till so stay tuned for the progress and documentation of how the artwork unravels here!


Watch out for more! For more info check also on SWK or their website and social channels!


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Photography by NEVERCREW, Alexander Krziwanie / MONTANA-CANS