The Swiss based duo NEVERCREW have come to Mannheim, Germany to show what they can do for STADT.WAND.KUNST – a MONTANA-CANS partner project. To tackle the local environment and give something back to the visual aesthetic of the heavily painted town, the NEVERCREW have taken on the challenge to trying to make art around the notion oft he relationship between mankind and nature.


This is not a new concept for artists so it is a difficult one to do well. Just that is what the guys have achieved. Their complex color choices are actually reflections and connections to transformation between the penguins in the stencilled scenery at the base oft he mural which is portrayed as light and reflection in the quartz like rock formation at the top. A beautiful marriage of technical and conceptual occurs as the build comes to life in a varion of marks and tonal shifts. The artwork also goes where many artists dare not. The merge between handwork and stencil work. Effectively it highlights the technical ability oft he artists as well as creating an entry point for viewers at different interest levels. NEVERCEW MURAL IN GERMANY


„Propagating machine“ as they have titled the work shows a delicate system of nature and machine, man and the natural world. It speaks oft he efects both small and large, global and local that we have on an environment and ist systems. But it also adds something amazing tot he local scenery for the embracing local Mannheim community. Made with Montana GOLD, each detail and each peice of surface area has been considered. The contrast between hard stenciled lines and free flowing aerosol color areas has been completed with both success, and what appears to be fun for the artists. Share their experience and check out this amazing work!

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Photography by Alexander Krziwanie / MONTANA-CANS