Mural making can be approached in many ways. Some artists approach it technically, conceptualy, through scale, political orientation, abstraction and realistically, just to name a few. For the Swiss based duo of Christian Rebecchi & Pablo Togni, creating art is often driven by the concept of mankind and it’s relationship to nature. Scratching well under the surface, their images resonate beauty and contemplation in one. The duality of perfectly crafted artwork with well thought out concept means their often realistically depicted works can create a mountain of considerations for the viewer.



Since 1996 the duo have been merging the mechanical with the natural. Context with subject, social with the economic and the past with the present. Images of whales, astronauts, mechanical devices appearing to merge with nature or just a well placed object in an extremely well thought out context are par for the course for these two very talented creators. Described as art coming from four hands, with the NEVERCREW those 4 hands can seem to be controlled by the same body as both seem to create aspects of the works that are completely dependent yet complimentary to the others. In the world of the NEVERCREW, it would probably be best to never say “Never” as everything is possible.

“see through / see beyond” painting realized in New Delhi, India for St+Art India and the exhibition “WIP”, 2016


“Realizing machine” Mural realized in Luzern (CH) for the Neusicht exhibition organized by Viva con Agua, 2016

“This work is about the the look that mankind has towards nature and everything concerning their relationship, where there’s a direct connection that often it’s not completed by knowledge and comprehension. This cultural attitude brings a distance and the distance creates a lack of empathy that can be easily turned, or purpose or not, in blindness. In a society where the profit is the main value, this relationship is then based on exploitation and privatization of natural resources, and all the consequences are hidden also if they’re in front of everyone’s eyes. As in the previous paintings, the structure of the building became an important element for the definition of the composition: from this comes the idea of something that’s inside, partially hidden and / or protected. The subject is then into the structure and not outside, is a sort of cage made again by the human gesture of opening and closing, looking or hiding.”
– Christian Rebecchi & Pablo Togni aka NEVERCREW
 3 Compressions – Triptych of sculptures, 2017



Between November 2016 and January 2017 we realized a triptych of sculptures starting from the shape of a sperm whale that we’re elaborating in the recent years in the spaces of our mural paintings. The first model was sculpted, adjusted and treated, and from that one we realized 3 copies on which we worked again, both on adjustments, modeling of details and with paint. On each whale we used 3 vertical areas of different colors, but with a total of 6 shades to connect the 3 elements between them horizontally.



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