“Shirt Mask x Queen of Hearts YTBG”

Three years after the monumental mural “Shirt Mask x King of Hearts” at the 2019 NUART festival in Stavanger Norway, Portuguese artist Nuno Viegas decided it was time for the king’s wife to get some shine. The 2022 NUART festival in Aberdeen was the perfect opportunity for Viegas to reinterpret the concept a little differently using this time the Queen of Hearts symbol as a focal point. With a large color field yet meticulous background that he has coined YTBG (Yellow Throwie BackGround), the mural left the otherwise gray-orientated surrounding architecture with a surge of yellow intensity.

A look back at his graffiti alter ego Metis

As well as his usual pursuits to get as much control as possible out of the low-pressure Montana GOLD can range, this time Viegas also shook the Montana BLACK cans for some extra tonal variation under pressure. And why not, as the yellow throwie background was also a look back at his graffiti alter ego Metis, which made the graffiti tools ideal for the job.

The yellow throw-up background is a new addition to the faceless mask and playing card idea. Not only does this graffiti element add a dynamic pop to the visual aspects of the mural, but it also brings Viegas back to his graffiti roots while facilitating his contemporary interests in making paintings that are about graffiti. Paintings that he himself does not identify as graffiti.

Paintings that he himself does not identify as graffiti.

Not only is the mural well-executed, but as per normal, the documentation is also second to none. The photos were taken by Cátia Guerreiro, Conor Gault, and Nuno Viegas himself. Not only do they document in high quality, but they also draw the viewer deep into the context in which the mural now stands in an environment that is embellished but such beauty. Who knows which playing card will get a run next time?

Images by artist Nuno Viegas, Cátia Guerreiro & Conor Gault