We are excited to present the latest studio works of the exceptional calligraphy and handstyle artist, Oscar. Known for his impressive lettering and creative versatility, employs a variety of our products, including Montana Acrylic Markers, Bold Markers, and our MARBLE effect  cans, to create his distinctive artworks. In his latest studio works, Oscar once again showcases his ability to blend traditional calligraphy with modern handstyle elements.

Oscar: Master of Calligraphy and Handstyle Art

We had the opportunity to visit Oscar in his studio and watch him work. It was impressive to see how effortlessly he switched between different tools and used them masterfully to bring his artistic visions to life. His dedication to art and attention to detail are evident in every piece he creates.

Oscar is not only an outstanding artist but also an inspiration for the entire calligraphy and handstyle community. His works demonstrate the versatility and creativity one can achieve with the right tools.

Visit Oscar’s Instagram profile for more of his breathtaking works and follow us for the latest updates and artist features from the world of street art and calligraphy.