In recent times we introduced Kevin Ledo, a Canadian artist who was participating in a project with APTART in Beirut, Lebanon. The „Paint Outside the Lines“ project was supported by Montana-Cans and attempts to make public art possible in places where art can be one of the only neutral means to bring people together in an otherwise conflict ridden environment.

In Ledo’s artwork, he attempted to use a war torn building that was built in the 70’s and riddeled with bullet holes during the Lebonese civil war which ran uptil the 90’s. Not preparing the surface meant that the violent history was going to be built into to a hopeful positive future. A reminder of where you have been, but also where you can go! Paint Outside the Lines Kevin Ledo

Ledo was not alone as the local kids from all religious and national backgrounds were recruited to assist in bringing together the messages of those who will be left in the future which is being created now. Not to mention the main figure of his mural was a local 7 year old Lebanese girl. Messages of peace and environmental concern were common and thankfully the the fighting history oft he city appears to be transferring into a healthy future.

Video by Selina Miles & all Images by SAMANTHA ROBISON – aptArt

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