Earlier this month we reported on the success of the PANGEASEED Foundation’s, 2020 SEA WALLS Boston event. Despite the massive challenges put on the organization by the Coronavirus pandemic, the people spoke, and the event carried on as planned. The artist line up of  Silvia Lopez ChavezIMAGINEJulz Roth, Cedric “Vise 1” Douglas, Josie Morway, and Artists for Humanity, did not disappoint even though the whole year of 2020 did. Dynamic images sending positive messages to save our oceans were transported loud and clear across the globe. Whether it was brushed with acrylic paint, Montana BLACK or Montana GOLD cans, the murals did their job of catching the eyes of enthralled on-lookers and internet voyeurs. 

We were lucky enough to receive video recap of the event which we happily share with you here.

The PANGEASEED Foundation has been creating murals to save oceans since 2013. With the support from Montana Cans and over 400 murals in 17 countries, they have the topic of ocean awareness well and truly covered. Their official slogan is, “a drop of paint can create an ocean of change”. And don’t our oceans need it? With rising seas levels, overfishing, plastic pollution, environmental pollution, as just some of the issues, the organization prides itself on its ARTivism, creating awareness and action for ocean care through murals and creative endeavors.