The PangeaSeed Foundation has been doing great work in the area of sea and water preservation through art and as they call it, ARTivism. In the interest of keeping our sea’s clean and our ocean animals healthy, the foundation finds key marine regions where help or awareness is most needed. In July 2017 the foundation moved it’s interests to Cancun to collaborate with Proyecto Panorama, and CIMUC, Cancun’s urban image commission with the motivation to generate awareness and explore creative solutions surrounding the region’s marine environmental issues. Some of the issues affecting this marine region are endangered marine life such as whale sharks conservation, ocean acidification, plastic and pollution, overfishing, coral restoration and sustainable seafood. PangeaSeed Foundation Sea Walls Cancun Video Recap

Nychos – TRANSLUCENT WHALE SHARK – Image by PangeaSeed Foundation

Nine artists volunteered their time and energy to take on the challenge which resulted in some major large scale murals featuring Whale Sharks, coral reefs and sustainable fishing images. With the support of Montana-Cans, artists Crea (Cancun), Curiot (Mexico City), Frase Honghikuri (Guadalajara), It’s a Living (Mexico City), Lauren YS (USA), Mateus Bailon (Brazil), Nychos (Austria), Poket (Cancun) and Saul Torbe (Mexico City) all armed with Montana BLACK or Montana GOLD took to the challenges like fish in water.

We are proud to share some moments of the project here:

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PangeaSeed Foundation – Sea Walls Cancun, Mexico