While we’re still feeling the chill of winter, one of our favorite contemporary art festivals has been enjoying the warm sunshine: PowWow Hawaii 2017 just finished up, and what an incredible event this year’s exhibition has been. Co-founders Jasper Wong and Kamea Hadar claim that „POW! WOW!“ has become synonymous with “a gathering that celebrates culture, music and art“, and the streets of Honolulu really have an abundance to show for it. For an entire week, the annual event, takes place in Kaka’ako, a district of Honolulu where international and local artists come together to create murals and other artistic creations. For instance, artist duo Pitchi & Avo created a mural in their typical Tag-style. Kevin Lyons left some of his little fluffy monsters on a wall in Kaka’ako, where they now live. The Draculas created an epic campfire scene. Mr. Jago perfected his abstraction technique. Joram Roukes stayed true to his style of mixing photorealism and illustrative elements in his mural. OG Slick spread the aloha spirit with his signature Mickey hands, just to name a fraction of the talent from this year’s roster. POW WOW HAWAII 2017 RECAP

In addition to the tangible creative energy that could be seen and felt on the streets of Kaka’ako, an abundance of further events were held, such as the POW! WOW! Night Market, parties, talks, and more showcases and exhibitions, especially the 4th annual Exploring The New Contemporary Movement group exhibition curated by Thinkspace, which featured many more incredible artists from all over the globe who presented their prints, paintings, installations and more. To commemorate this year’s brilliant festival, we decided to dedicate a can design in its honor, and to support it, not only by supplying cans to the artists, but also by creating a very special can specifically for the occasion: the Pow!Wow! can, as a symbol of the great and flourishing collaboration between Pow!Wow! and Montana-Cans. We are proud to be a partner of Pow!Wow!, and to support this fantastic event.


Latest MONTANA-CANS Collabo Series POW! WOW! 2017. When it came to choosing a color for the 2017 POW! WOW! Hawaii event, we stuck to one of the most used and proved colors – Montana Shock Black SH9000 out of Montana GOLD’s color range

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All Images by @bshigeta, @courtneykimmey and jmaon