The POW! WOW! organization has been spreading their message all over this ball we call earth. On September 20th to 28th – 2019, it was time to come back to Seoul, Korea, to add some color once again. Putting the artists soul back into the streets of Seoul itself. The line up was a healthy mix of local and international talent consisting of JOO JAE BUM, NOVO, STICKY MONSTER LAB, KAY2, JODAE, GR1, VO EUN, AGOS, SEMI TR and SOYOUN LEE representing the locals. And waving the international flags were AMY SOL, ROSTARR, JOSHUA VIDES, SUITMAN, HITOTZUKI, BALLOONSKI, SPENSER LITTLE, INSA, ZEBU, EXTO-X and KIMCHI JUICE.

Bringing back the soul, to Seoul

Brushes brushed, Montana GOLD and Montana BLACK cans sprayed and multiple buildings of varied shapes and sizes were transformed from bland to grand. As usual, the festival put on a dazzling display of diversity. All forms of public art merged together whether it be graffiti, design, realism or abstraction. But that was just the visual side of things. On the audio side, there was a POW! WOW! Music school, talks, parties concerts and installations.

A true cultural bridge maker, POW! WOW! KOREA 2019 was another example of unity between all creeds, colors and backgrounds. Take a moment here to see what happen on those eight days in September.