POW! WOW! has gotten a lot of attention over the last years. Could it be as they are running a world standard urban art event, or could it be as they know how to bring art and people together in what ever location they are activ? Possibly both and maybe more. Now you can hear and see some insights to what the POW! WOW! LONG BEACH event is all about. With some words from participating artists and organizer not to mention some visual footage that enables viewers to get even closer to the action, see how the event is nurtured and cared for by those involved and how it reflects in the positivity oft he art work created. With a belief that all urban zones should be filled with urban art, the event brings not just people onto the streets but leaves behind a gallery and a story for any visitor or local to see. POW WOW LONG BEACH 2017 OFFICIAL VIDEO

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