From August 25th to September 3rd, 29 new murals were painted during POW! WOW! Worcester. The festival that took place at various locations in the city has previously performed in Hawaii, Long Beach and Taiwan and is one of the widely recognised street art festivals around the world.

POW! WOW! Worcester 2017

36 Artists & 29 Murals


“Arts have historically brought people together and we are excited to continue that tradition here in Worcester with the 32 artists involved. Artists from Worcester, various states in the US and from 9 countries around the world will join the event to continue the efforts of a renewed focus on our schools and the communities around them.”Jessica Walsh – Co-Director of POW! WOW! Worcester

123 Klan (France/ Canada), Angurria (Dominican Republic), Apexer (California), Becky Cloonan (Texas), Big Teeff (Georgia), Caratoes (China), Christopher Konecki (California), Crash One (New York), Dasic Fernandez (Chile), Denial (Canada), Drew Merritt (California), Dripped On The Road (New York), Eamon Gillen (Worcester), Earth Crusher (Canada), Ferdinand (Worcester), Five 8 (Canada), Ghostbeard (Michigan), Greg Mike (Georgia), Ivan Roque (Florida), Joe Iurato (New Jersey), Josie Morway (Massachusetts), Julia YuBaba (Belarus), Kai Griffiths (Worcester), Kelly Towles (Washington D.C.), Key Detail (Belarus), Keya Tama (South Africa), Kristin Farr (California), Lucas Aoki (Argentina), Nicky Davis (Texas), Nosego (Philadelphia), Patch Whisky (South Carolina), Ricardo Gonzalez (Mexico), PichiAvo (Spain), STASH (New York), Scott Boilard (Worcester), Scott Listfield (Massachusetts)

“This year we wanted to bring art directly to the students of Worcester to excite and inspire them. POW! WOW! Worcester will not only see these artists create works of art to be enjoyed by students moving forward, but during the week of POW! WOW! Worcester we have numerous events to help instill the importance of art to these students.”Che Anderson – Co-Director of POW! WOW! Worcester

The largest wall that was painted this summer was at the highly anticipated Fidelity Bank Worcester Ice Center. It measures 240 feet across and 33 feet high and was painted by a team of artists led by Five 8 and Earth Crusher of Montreal.

Final Murals
The festivals aim to bring people together has been reached once more since more than 10.000 visitors came around during the weeklong event.

All Images by @halopigg for POW! WOW! Worcester 2017

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