There are many places in the world where the statement „big is better“ find a home. The United States however would probably be the epicenter if this philosophy. Californian artist Risk has no problems delivering the goods when the man says „make it big“. Apart from his undisputed graffiti heritage that helped shaped the graffiti community of Western United States, he is also famous for his large scale murals and his courageous use of color. Risk has been developing his colorful drip /splash technique for many years now which for the Sequoia Investments group, was exactly what they wanted to see on their corner of Florida St and University Ave property. Risk paints giant wall in San Diego

Risk paints giant wall in San Diego

Making of

Two crates of Montana GOLD and Montana BLACK, 10 days of painting and over 200 gallons of bucket paint later the project was complete. As colorful and bright as expected, the building which is part residential and part commercial now shines as an art piece come functional icon for the San Diego community. Risk paints giant wall in San Diego

Prepared to be colored here:

All images by Bird Man

Source: https://www.juxtapoz.com/news/street-art/risk-paints-huge-mural-in-san-diego/