Color of Life by Wane One is in Edmonton’s French Quarters located in the heart of the city’s Francophone District. Spanning several blocks in each direction, Edmontonians gather here to work, play, shop, eat, drink and celebrate. The family friendly area provides a strong sense of community and pride in Edmonton’s rich Francophone culture. John Stobbe owner of the building is the broker and owner of Shackleton Reality. He is an advocate for public art and a community leader sitting on many committees within the city. John believes in promoting Edmonton on the world stage and values it’s history and diverse culture.

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Rust Magic Street Mural Festival in Edmonton Canada aims to create large expressive murals throughout the city giving the participating artists total creative control. Organized by Trevor Peters and Annaliza Toledo the duo carefully curates Rust Magic to include traditional graffiti, contemporary experimental, new school and street art. Bridging the gap between all foundations and educating the public on spraypaint culture is an integral part of the event.

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