At the beginning of October, the project Stadt.Wand.Kunst hosted another artist. Munich-based artist Rafael Gerlach aka SatOne created a mural in Mannheim titled „Insomnia“. SatOne – born in Venezuela1977, living in Munich since the age of two – dipped his big toe into the world of graffiti in 1991, when he began trying out different writing styles in an abandoned factory site near his home. After studying graphic design and testing the waters at different graphic design agencies, SatOne has worked as a freelancer for the past 15 years, illustrating, photographing and creating murals and exhibitions around the world.


The newest addition to the Montana supported outdoor gallery in Mannheim, Germany can be found in Kleestraße in the district of Neckarstadt. Considering the title combined with the color scheme, the room for interpretation with this piece is huge. One thing you can say for certain though, similar to the feeling of being beyond exhausted, with your mind racing: There is a lot going on! The longer you look at this wall, the more you’ll see – in a literal and metaphorical sense. So if you have some time, take a walk out to Neckarstadt. You’ll see, there is a lot going on in a racing mind…


Photography by MONTANA-CANS / Manuel Wagner & Frank Bässler