OKUDA has been in London ahead of his solo show ‘Lost Olympus’ opening Thursday 2nd Feb, 6-9pm and running until 26th February. For a preview of the show, and come down on thursday to grab a signed copy of his new book ‘OKUDA KAOS TEMPLE’ available in store. While in town, OKUDA painted a new mural on Sclater Street E1, next door to D*Face’s Rebels Alliance Yard. Check it out!! Definitley brightening up a rainy February in London… STOLENSPACE GALLERY PRESENTS OKUDA LONDON

About the Artist
From abandoned fabrics and lost railways to other murals of the world, the spanish artist Okuda created a personal universe that explores existentialist contradictions, meaning of life, the infinite, the false freedom of capitalism. Inspired by surrealism art, pop art and his travels, Okuda’s work has been classified as pop surrealism, with evident presence of street art and urban art. Geometric structures and multicolor prints, brilliant colors, deconstructed animals, bodies without identity are all elements that the artist use in his work The conflict between modernity and our roots is reflect through the artist material. Okuda is currently based in Madrid.

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