In September 2020, the London Mural Festival kicked off its first year in one of the strangest times in modern human history. With all murals being created on walls located outdoors, social distancing was a given meaning London wasn’t going to miss out on a new coat of paint, whatever the restrictions. On the list of talents planned to paint at the event were three brave artists from Japan, SUIKO, IMAONE, and FATE. What makes them brave you might ask? What was to happen if a new lockdown was incurred and they couldn’t leave the country to return home? For now, this seems not to have been an issue, what is an issue however is the amazing mural left behind by the trio, that turns the heads of anyone who passes.

At the London Mural Festival

Their large work is not only vibrant, it has many visual facets and the technical skills to make it truly shine. Graffiti crashes head-on with design, illustration, and abstract art. And all with a uniquely Japanese flavor. With Montana GOLD and Montana BLACK cans supplying the pigment, the trio was challenged as their mural spanned over a difficult “L” shaped wall. Of course, they made it look easy and the glow of color left behind will make even the hardest to please art critic smile.

If you’re in London, go and take a look for yourself. For those of you who can’t, enjoy the view here

Curated by | Photo by @yutanaoumi

@suiko1 @imaone @fate_sca / collaborative mural – London UK 2020