The Greetings Tour was meant to be a one year project (2015-2016) but we had so much fun over the last year that we decided to do another round in 2016-2017!  I’ve traveled and painted a lot globally in the past, but this last year really opened me up to how much I have missed in my own country.  It’s been a wonderful opportunity to create new landmarks in cities and work directly with communities.  Getting to live on the road with no set schedules and explore the national parks has been amazing and inspirational.  Coming from graffiti roots, I never thought I would be painting community murals like this but at the end of the day, it’s a much better feeling to connect with the public in this different way.

00-GREETINGS_WATERBURY_002-1024x683 01-DSC04670-1024x684 03-GREETINGS_WATERBURY_005-1024x683

To kick off the second round of the Greetings Tour, we painted our first mural New England mural in Waterbury, CT.  Being a fairly conservative city, we had the opportunity to work with the city on their first public street art project.  We were glad that this piece had a warm reception and hopefully projects like this open up more opportunities for other street artists in their city.


Kicking off year two of the Greetings Tour, we painted our very first mural in New England. Greetings from Waterbury, CT is our largest mural to date at around 875 square feet. It can be seen from I-84 and by taking exit 21 right to Field Street in downtown Waterbury.

11-GREETINGS_WATERBURY_020-1024x684 12-DevonValentin_Minnis-1024x682 13-GREETINGS_WATERBURY_022-1024x684 14-GREETINGS_WATERBURY_023-1024x683 15-GREETINGS_WATERBURY_014-1024x683 16-WATERBURY-1024x683

Photos by Lisa Beggs