Adding value to the culture of Heidelberg

It’s mid-August 2022 and the Heidelberg Germany-based urban art festival METROPOLINK draws to a vibrant end. The festival that has been running since 2015has become a staple in the diet of German and international urban, street, and mural-based art. What started as art making with a strong tailwind of graffiti heritage has become so much more.

Started with a tailwind of graffiti heritage

The 2022 artist lineup included Mina, Mantra, Matthias, Mross, Caro Kaiser, Nessi Nezilla, Saner, Case, Arkane, Medianeras, Senor_Schnu, Pielles, Hannes Aurand, Jaime Ramirez, Satr, Prsnr, Wenu, and Maison Desfous. If it isn’t the countless numbers of local, European, or international artists that come to leave their mark on the walls and in the streets of Heidelberg and surrounding suburbs, then its diverse array of musicians, performers, and event operators that pull together the concerts, exhibitions, events, and culinary delights that attract crowds from everywhere.

A lot more than just paint on walls​

Supported by Montana Cans from day one, METROPOLINK has seen a constant transition whether it be from the deep pool of temporary buildings and structures that have hosted all varieties of art, through to the many cultural, political, and commercial partners that have gotten onboard as the momentum gathered.

Stalled but not stopped, even the coronavirus only proved to be a hurdle for the organizers that benefited from the fact that most of the events took place outdoors. And in 2022, the METROPOLINK shut down party at the Patrick-Henry Village, shined in a bright mix of visuals, sound, light, and tastes. All captured in the METROPOLINK Festival Recap.