The Montana CRUSHER is a refillable empty marker, perfect in combination with all Montana BLACK Paint and Ink Refills. It is available in 3 versions: CRUSHER 30ml with 10mm mohair tip, CRUSHER 50ml with 18mm mohair tip and CRUSHER 200ml with 18mm mohair tip. The body is made out of a durable flexible plastic that allows controlled application through squeezing of the marker body. Montana Mohair tips offer excellent flow with Montana BLACK PAINT or INK Refill and will write on almost any surface. Squeezing the marker body more forcefully will create higher output. Mohair replacement tips separately available. For highly liquid dripping lines choose the low viscosity Montana BLACK DYE INK. For luminous opaque Montana BLACK Paint ink. To fill or refill Montana CRUSHER, simply just remove the mohair tip on top of the marker. The Montana CRUSHER – Perfect in combination with Montana BLACK PAINT 200ml and BLACK Dye Inks.