The 4th Enamel Mug by Sobekcis

We welcome the release of the new Montana Cans Enamel Mug “TAG”. The 4th in the series of Montana Cans Enamel Mugs succeeding the TYPO LOGO, Exterior Painters by 45RPM, and Rail Runner by FORMULA76, the Montana Enamel Mug “TAG” features the strong hand style of the Serbian artist duo, SOBEKCIS. This time a light grey Montana Cans tag finds its way on a beautifully hand-crafted black enamel-coated mug that is made in Europe by hand!

Man’s best friends when it comes to drinking hot or cold beverages

Not only recognized for their unique approach to graffiti style writing, the Sobekcis twins are also prolific creators of fine art, avid travelers, and skillful practitioners of the art of handstyles. So much so that it only seemed logical that one be featured on a Montana Cans Enamel Mug. Some time has passed since the release of the Montana Cans Enamel Mug “TYPO LOGO”. And apart from all the great nights around the campfire with it, the Montana Cans Enamel Mug has served as one of man’s best friends when it comes to drinking hot or cold beverages in the studio, or at home.

Sobekcis- Skillful practitioners of the art of handstyles

At a height of 80mm and with a radius of 95mm, 300ml of hot or cold liquid can be served from this sturdy drinking vessel that is cooktop, dishwasher, and campfire friendly. At a weight of only 170gm when empty, the Montana Cans Enamel Mug “TAG” makes light work of staying hydrated when filled. And if your “TYPO LOGO” has disappeared from its usual place in the kitchen, then the timely arrival of the “TAG” mug is just what you need! The Montana Cans Enamel Mug series is a collectible limited-release product range that features single productions of each item.

To secure yous, speak to your local Montana Cans reseller for more information and availability now.

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