The Word Is Yours Festival took place in Amman, Jordan on October 2nd and 3rd 2015. The event was Jordan’s first urban culture festival combining street artists, skateboarders, hip-hop artists and break-dancers. Participants came from across the region and beyond to share their skills, showcase their art and promote street culture. Ten graffiti and street artists came together from Jordan, Palestine, Germany and UAE to paint walls and run workshops engaging the community in the creation of public art.


Participating artists include Herakut (Germany), Suhbaib (Jordan/Palestine), Wize One (Jordan), Tight Ray (Jordan), Yara Hindawi (Jordan), FATS (UAE), Suheil Baqaeen (Jordan), Sardine (Jordan), DEEV (Jordan) and Ali Almasri (Jordan). Finding quality spray paint is difficult for artists in Jordan as few companies distribute in the country and conflict in the region create obstacles to importing from neighboring countries, thus it was an amazing opportunity for artists  to have easy access to Montana cans and markers.

IMG_0908edit IMG_1296edit IMG_0858editIMG_0075edit12138552_935845176476534_5355698873773177636_o IMG_0215edit  IMG_0553edit FATS_wall1 HERAKUT_wall Sardine_wall Suhaib_wall TIGHTRAY_Wall YARA_wallWIZE_wall2WIZE_wall3SUHAIL_wall copy

Photography by Samantha Robison