Tristan and Matt Eaton @ POW! WOW! HAWAII – A homage to “Rabindra”

It’s hard to look past the sorrow when losing someone you love. But for American artists, Tristan and Matt Eaton, being invited to POW! WOW! HAWAII was the perfect opportunity to create a mural inspired by their much-loved uncle Ralph “Rabindra” Danks aka “Binda”. The name Rabindra is related to the sun Indra and was given to their uncle by an Indian Guru. The Eaton brothers credit their uncle for a lot of their outlook on life, humor, music and above all art. With a fascination for animals, Binda’s life included being born in Glasgow, being a musician in a band playing alongside the likes of The Beatles, Eric Clapton, and the Rolling Stones, to eventually settling down in Japan to focus on a successful career in art and creativity.

This rich tapestry of inspiration and stories was easily drawn from by Matt and Tristan Eaton who have created monumental artwork combining their two styles with their uncles love of the natural world. The artwork also titled ‘Rabindra’, truly celebrates their uncle’s life and gives the brothers a chance to share visual homage with the POW! WOW! HAWAII audience and beyond.

With the vibrant Montana GOLD colors expanding in and around what appears to be the shape of a tiger, the white of the walls base coat plays host to a neutral background for the tiger’s internal details to come to the gelding.  Take a moment here to ponder the beauty that is ‘Rabindra’.
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Images by POW WOW HAWAII / Ian Lundie & Lannycatcheswalls