In a recent post, we shared the development of the giant “Girlslove” mural, by Spanish artists OKUDA. The mural created for the Stadt.Wand.Kunst festival in Mannheim,Germany, may have been one of many for the festival. However it is not just the innovative design that impressed, it’s vibrance made it unique in it’s own right. This multi-level artwork stretched high above the Mannheim street scape, pulsating it’s positivity as far as it could be seen. The Montana GOLD color range backed the artist up 100% as the color saturation radiated, making it almost unavoidable to look at for any passer-by.

The “Girlslove” mural for Stadt.Wand.Kunst

It took 20+ years of creation and spray can use to develop the skill set OKUDA uses to create such a mural. Luckily for us, the artwork took just short of a week to create and was captured on film from start to finish. Share OKUDA’s mood and moments here for the creation of “Girlslove”, 2019.


Photography by Alexander Krziwanie / MontanaCans