The humble country town of Benalla is not just a humble country town. It is a rural city with a lot more going for it then just agriculture. Since 2015, the WALL TO WALL festival has been color correcting the walls of Benalla thanks to the curation of Juddy Roller and an array of talented national and international artists. In it’s fifth year, the festival again manages to bring this new street art identity outward to the masses as this year 26 walls were painted with an estimated 10,000 visitors making their way to Benalla to be part of the action.

5 years on and still going strong

Artwork of every discipline and theme popped up from April 5th till April 7th, with a handful arriving early or leaving late to make sure the Montana GOLD and Montana BLACK fueled images were right on point. Apart from high end imagery, the festival also functions as a cultural exchange for residents, visitors and local indigenous groups all coming together for workshops, markets and guided tours. 2019 features artists like AKID ONE, DVATE, CARATOES, CHOQ, MATTIE DAVIS, TARSHA DAVIS, ROBYN GROVE, INSANE51, JAGUNG, LEANS, ALEX LEHOURS, CLINTON LEVY, LOLO, DAVIDSON LOPES, MAYONAIZE, SIRHC, SKINY, KATE THAUS, TROG, DANIELLE WEBER and SOPHIE WILSON.

But the names don’t need to convince you, the artwork does that by itself. Check it out here.

Finish Murals


Images by Nicole Reed (@Nicasa)