Although a lot of communities are sidetracked by an abundance of water especially in winter, they are very quickly reminded in the dead of summer that life cannot go on normally without nature’s greatest asset. Clean drinking water. And apart from having clean water in the form of rain and rivers, the next most important part is having cleaning facilities and safe water storage. For the people of Jordan, there is no sidetracking. No excess of water and no rain season that fills all the water holes to comfortably drink-through summer. Theirs is a constant struggle and like many countries in the region experience, one of the biggest fights against community health issues and stable food supply is a lack of clean drinking water.

Protecting natures greatest asset

APTART recognized this ongoing issue and came to the party to help create awareness and action in the local community where social media is not yet the first and most direct way to communicate with its people. Their project brought home the message clearly that water is life and should be cherished and held onto.  The international and local artists involved brought not only color in the form of Montana GOLD cans and acrylic paint, they also brought beauty through the messages. Artists such as Jonothan Darby, Wesam Shadid, Guido van Helten and Shukran Mafraq created monumental images re-enforcing the need for local government as well as local people to work together to nurture their most valued possession, WATER! Take a look here and remember never to take that drinkable water from your tap for granted.

Mural by Jonathan Darby and Wesam Shadid

Mural by Jerry Rugg

Mural by Guido van Helten

Images by Samantha Robison / Aptart
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