Women Empowerment Graffiti & Mural: #CODEPINK
At Sea Hub, North Coast, Egypt

The Cairo-based Grafffit Artist Moahmed Radwan – Sober was invited to create one a mural artworks for Sea hub, a north coast destination in Egypt. The topic he chose to tackle was Women Empowerment, and he did his entire mural with MONTANA-CANS.

About the Project

A month ago the owners of Sea Hub, approached me for creating a huge mural in their shopping/commercial strip. Immediately I was intrigued by the challenge, and the size of it, as I have never dealt with this scale. I wanted the mural to have a social cause and value, so I pitched to them the idea of using the massive wall (70 meters long by 5 meters high) to advocate for Women Empowerment and Women Rights. WOMEN EMPOWERMENT CODEPINK EGYPT

The owners were convinced and I developed alongside my Assistant, Abd el Rahman el Bialy, multiple artistic approaches for tackling the subject. The owners were more inclined towards a pop art direction, so we developed the Mural artwork centered around recognized pop art elements, in order to appeal to visitors, while still pushing the overall message of empowering women and defending their rights.

I knew that we only had 7 days to actually spray the graffiti on the wall, so I prepared stencil reliefs for the entire artwork, so as to spray the reliefs, and then color them. I searched for volunteers and 3 Art students volunteered, while two more amateur artist joined the crew, to total at 7 artists. 7 artists. 7 days. 70 meters wall. A Challenge but not an impossible one… as we ended up proving.
Written by Mohamed Radwan alias Sober – graffiti artist

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