There are no need for excuses why an artist decides to stick with classic graffiti or not. They either can or cannot move on with or without lettering. Graffiti if often a key to a door that a lot of trained studio artists wish they had.

The Heidelberg, Germany mural festival Metropolink, recognises this and supports artists coming out of either side of the argument. The artist Zest from Montpellier in France has learned from his graffiti past that he is not afraid of color! And thus shows the benefits of being to look back and forward in his creativeness. Since 1995 he has embraced the spray can to make artworks all over the world.

ZEST painting StadtWerke HD for METROPOLINK

The artists of late has become renowned for his color based images that appear as giant tears down the face of any substrate they are applied to. And Heidelberg now celebrates a tear of it’s own. Another crowd stopping artwork, color merges and pulls away in a scale that is not even conceivable in a normal studio atmosphere. In a city that has a mind as open as it residents, Heidelberg has another colorful reason to stop, look up and reflect. Check out how the artwork unfolded here: ZEST NOT AFRAID OF A BIT OF COLOR

Images by Montana-Cans / Manuel Wagner