In 1994, the well-renowned style writing graffiti artist CANTWO was already known for his name and his abilities with a spray can. Creating illusions and re-inventing the alphabet was a standard procedure for this iconic graffiti figure. What he didn’t realize at the time was the influence and impact he would have on future graffiti writing generations with his innovation of nonclassic style writing graffiti. In this very year, CANTWO created a mural he referred to as “Moon tank”. It was this very image that was to stain the memory of somewhat younger fellow German artist ERAS, aka Marco Holzinger. Fast forward 26 years later, ERAS with now with more than 20 years of spray paint under his fingernails was still inspired by the “Moon tank” piece. So much so that he decided to re-create it in 3D using foam, patience and a lot of gathered know-how. Not to mention with a little re-mixing on the opposite side of the tank which until now was never actually considered as a possible collaboration space

A tribute to the 1994 “Moon tank” mural

Using only Montana Polystyrene PRIMER, some Montana GOLD colors, Montana ACRYLIC paints, ACRYLIC markers and polystyrene cutting hot wire, ERAS created over 150 individual pieces of hand-crafted foam in over 30 hours of working time to make a 3D model of the CANTWO “Moon tank”. On one side ERAS recreated in immaculate detail the exact CANTWO image. On the other side, he created a 2020 rendition of it using his own name, ERAS. With a dimension of approx. 100cm x 70cm x 60cm, consultation with Cantwo himself meant this amazing work had become a contemporary collaboration with his childhood hero.

Image by the artist CANTWO

This homage to a style legend by a style master himself functions as a great intergenerational piece of art that could be seen at the German exhibition, “Through The Wire”. Take a moment to be amazed here.

in process


Images by Farbenfeuer GmbH