Modern wall scripts with a historical touch

For as long as man has self reflected, he has also created artwork to record his path. Calligraffiti artist HOKER ONE, is a modern day historian doing just that through the marriage of graffiti and calligraphy. With a hand style that is modern yet classic, HOKER brings typography into a new dimension the moment a can of Montana MARBLE Effect spray enters his hand. We couldn’t resist to make sure the new Montana MARBLE RED and MARBLE BLUE got the HOKER treatment also.

HOKER’s hand styles would do any Montana EFFECT cans justice. Keep your eyes here in the future for some more calligraffiti. Until then check out the artwork created as HOKER ONE played with the new Montana MARBLE EFFECT colors Blue and Red here!


The MARBLE EFFECT spray has it’s humble beginnings from the smaller 200ml Montana SPIDER EFFECT can, that was a need for writers focusing on tags, typography and calligraphy. All under the umbrella GRAFFITI. Modern day wall scripts, just as the art created for thousands of years of mankind’s history before them.   The Montana MARBLE EFFECT is available in colors black, silver, white and now also in red and blue!

The MARBLE EFFECT is equipped with the Montana Flat Jet Cap Wide that offers a flat spray trajectory that is able to be adjusted to a vertical or horizontal output similar to the Calligraphy Cap you may be used to. Due to the smooth and equal delivery of the spray output, these caps are perfect to use for calligraphy related artwork.


The MARBLE EFFECT is perfect for all calligraphy related artwork


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Progress shots by © Tim Siebmann / MontanaCans