Surfing in Memphis. For anyone that has looked at a map lately, you would probably know that Memphis is a land locked state in the U.S. Not a beach side state to go surfing in. For anyone that was a little grown up in the 80’s, you may already be aware of the design collective Memphis, that was created by a small group of designers and architects in Milano, Italy, to revolutionise the existing creative and commercial logics of design. Even today with societies constant need to surf the internet, a possible extra layer of meaning could be interpreted for these three words. And what a great name for a painting! A perfect excuse for us to visit the LOW BROS in their Berlin studio.


On quick assessment, we knew we were going to be in for some impressive artistic contemplation and creation. The studio was adorned with inspiring artwork, and the tools of the trade were out on display everywhere. Although we were not really sure how the all these diverse creative tid-bits were going to come together. Montana GOLD, Montana Montana Crackle Effect, Montana Marble Effect, Montana Varnish and the icing on the cake, Montana ACRYLIC inks in varied sizes. But still…. Even with a pencil sketch shown of the design that was going to be created on the virgin white canvas in front of us, it was a mystery how the artwork eventually titled, “Surfing in Memphis”, would develop and end up.

LOW BROS “Surfing in Memphis”

Layer by layer, tool by tool, step by step. The trademark teen wolf style image slowly came to life in a contemporary, yet very 80’s influenced concept. Edges were masked with tape, lines were sharpened and hardened with the dip of a brush in paint.

Colors were broken or softened by the light misting of airbrush loaded with Montana ACRYLIC refill ink. An aged portion of the image was created with the Montana Crackle Effect and there was even a splattering of some Marble Effect spray to add yet another dimension to the otherwise already comprehensive image. And all in all each layer functioned as a step for the next to creating the next level of this multi-story visual extravaganza.
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“Surfing in Memphis”, Arcylic Ink, Montana GOLD and BLACK Spraypaint, MARBLE and CRACKLE Effect, sealed with Montana VARNISH on Canvas

Photography by © MONTANA CANS / Jordan Katz


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