Montana Cans connects at Creative World in Frankfurt

Regardless if you call it Creative World or Paperworld. This year once again between January 26th and January 29th, the giant conference center “Frankfurt Messe”, came to life with the humm of the machine (heating), and the constant beat of the foot traffic drum. All visitors on the same or similar pilgrimage, to meet industry peers/partners and to source new and innovative creative products. Making the Montana Cans booth the place to be.

2019 was yet another great year at CREATIVE WORLD for the Montana Cans team.  Shaking the hands, catching up and reflecting on a year just past with all the global (and local) partners and friends, that made it to the show. Without fail the Montana BLACK and Montana GOLD meeting rooms delivered the goods as visitors were at first dazzled and then informed. Introduced was also the Allspraypainted blog run by MontanaCans for sophisticated and inspiring DIY projects. This years booth was ultra sleek and lathered with style. If you didn’t make it to the show, take a look here at what you missed out on!



The MontanaCans run allspraypainted blog was also introduced at this years Creative World, here you can take a look at the recent lookbook:

We look forward to returning to CREATIVE WORLD in 2021 after a small break from many years of back-to-back exhibiting.


Photography by © MontanaCans / Alexander Krziwanie