The Unbound – New work by FAITH XLVII in San Fransisco


Now more than ever in history, the idea of peace is something many cultures strive and work toward. And of course others don’t. During times of conflict and unrest there is no other recognised symbol of peace as strong as the raising of the white flag. Faith 47, the South African born artist is no stranger to the pursuit of peace and harmony in her work. Many of her murals tackle the topics of conflict and nature and how to reach a balance on a planet filled with irony and despair.


Her new mural “The Unbound” takes the symbol of the white flag to a new level. Painting the flag in various stages of motion enables her to give weight to the simple truths of peace and the processes required to reach it. With a prominent spot on the UC Hastings University of Law building in the Tenderloin district of San Fransisco USA, Faith 47 has found prime real estate for this message in a country that is no stranger to conflict.

With a little help from @Montanacans_usa, the Montana BLACK and Montana GOLD cans made Faith’s idea come to life. Take a look here for images and video of the project by @chopemdownfilms