in June this year AptArt returned to Goma to continue working with the street kids from the previous projects. The children painted several War child vehicles with messages about piece and unity. Painting the vehicles allows the children’s voices to travel all over the city and beyond while also creating a solution to recent vehicles left. See the amazing colorful artworks on the cars the children did!


“WATOTO” is Swahili for Children. In the Democratic Republic of Congo half the population is under age 14, making children pillars for a peaceful future in a country plagued by the deadliest conflict since WWII.


With all their excitement and energy the children covered the cars with their own original stencil designs.


The War Child vehicles travel through the city of Goma and beyond, crossing into both government and rebel held territory, allowing the children’s messages to travel far and wide.


Tens of thousands of children live on the streets of Kinshasa with no rights, no protection and no voice. Through street art, AptART aims to give them one.


“WE ARE ALL CHILDREN OF THE SAME FAMILY’ – This mural incorporates messages relating to life as a child on the streets of Kinshasa. Street kids in Kinshasa are discriminated against and are not accepted in society as they should be. This mural attempts to humanise these children.

A night ambulance drives through Kinshasa every evening delivering vital aid to the girls who call the gritty streets of the nation’s capital home. Along with the girls we gave it some character and made it their own.


For children in DRC access art is incredibly rare, needless to say they had a blast.


None of the children had ever used paint before, let alone spray paint, the work was a challenge but they picked it up quite quickly.


MontanaCans and Global Art supplies had the chance to support the AptArt project by providing cans for the painting


Another Warchild vehicle completed! Along with colorful children’s stencils Samantha and Jonathan from AptArt chose the bright colors of the peace flag to adorn this pick up!


Great work AptArt is doing – we appreciate. Visit the facebook page for more information: https://www.facebook.com/pages/AptART-Awareness-Prevention-Through-Art/187152941345765
check also the website: www.aptart.org