Remember back in 2017, when CN6, DESIE and KPETA did this massive mural for Arte Urb ano in Las Alturas / Rancagua? Well, turns out the guys have not been stopping and creating what is now officially he largest cataloged mural in all of Chile. With the ongoing help of our local Montana-Cans supplier Color Animal, now the next 3 (and a half) of a potential 12 silos have been finalized. These artworks are the2nd sequel first of a four year project, where eventually all of the silos will be covered with imagery inspired by the local fauna and flora – to create awareness and interest in the protection of the local Andes mountain region. Check out the making of and environmental context of the project here, as some great filming and drone footage captures the color, scale and immensity of the location and it’s new artworks.


Miguel Sarif Chacoff “Cn6” Graffiti Artist/ Architect. Born August 1983 begins to paint in the year 1996 attracted by the culture hip hop he met in his childhood in Washington DC. begins painting graffiti in the city of Rancagua as part of the artistic group Damatiz in which they mixed the techniques of muralism and graffiti to generate the first murals of large proportions in your city.

Philippe Carrera Zamorano / Desie, Urban Artist, was born in 1983 in the city of Rancagua Chile, his interest in illustration began to manifest in the early 90’s, his first works were influenced by the architecture of large cities, creating a series of pencil and ink rule illustrations.

Adolfo Pérez G / Kpeta – Born in 1979 in the city of Rancagua in Chile. To his short years of age already demonstrates affinity with the artistic and visual, presenting greater capacity of drawing between its pairs. Already in years 90 begins creating a series of stencil which scattered by its neighborhood of origin. In the year 1998 begins to intervene supports and walls in the open air. In this same year he decides to study Graphic Design in Santiago Chile.

Special Thanks to Color Animal – Chile

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