CASE (aka Andrea von Chrzanowski), is no stranger to the large mural format. Recently as a participant of the Berlin Mural Festival, he didn’t disappoint as he emptied countless Montana GOLD and Montana BLACK cans in a mural that as always, conveyed a message. His piece in the festival was a homage to all the hard working dads out there that are trying to make the world a better place for their children. In the words of the artists himself,

“This mural is dedicated to all the good and hard working Papas out there! Seeing my friends teaching their kids equality and helping them build self confidence makes me so very optimistic for the future, specially because the old guys trying their best to ruin our planet.”CASE

CASE at the Berlin Mural Festival   Berlin goes full color

Take a look here

The Future Is Female by CASE

Finalshot @akut_herakut & drone footage @andyryanflores.

In a city like Berlin where public art is already well integrated in the public eye, CASE has managed to tick the boxes for all possible viewers with a cleverly painted image that is fresh, thought provoking and pleasing on the eye. In homage to his classic graffiti past, he left the lower parts of the mural with the exiting letter styles that were most likely done without permission on the building prior to his begin. CASE at the Berlin Mural Festival

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