After having a two-person exhibition in September, now Dmitri Aske is painting a 11x34m mural as part of the Artmossphere Street Art Biennale in Moscow, Russia. This 374sqm wall is located in a picturesque place under a bridge right next to a bike pump track and is the biggest street work made by the Russian artist so far… more images after the jump!

IMG_1670_1024x IMG_1676_1024x IMG_1681_1024x IMG_1703_1024x IMG_1721_1024x IMG_1777_1024x IMG_2265_1024x IMG_2273_1024x IMG_2277_1024x IMG_2318_1024x IMG_2325_1024x IMG_2363_1024x IMG_2417_1024x IMG_2455_1024x IMG_2474_1024x IMG_3425_1024x IMG_3433_1024x IMG_3467_1024x IMG_3480_1024x IMG_3531_1024x IMG_3588_1024x IMG_3613_1024x IMG_3618_1024x IMG_3650_1024x IMG_3652_1024x IMG_3754_1024x
All photos are courtesy of Igor 1337x
Dmitri Aske’s New Mural in Moscow