44 meters high, 37 meters wide. No, these are not statistics on how to measure out a football field. And to understand the bigger picture, lets finish the list: 13 storeys high, one month preperation time, industrial climbers, over 100 cans, over 600 litres of black acrylic paint and 1.00,0000 liters of white.


These are the statistics for the latest mural by Hendrik Beikirch ECB. Located in the city of Mannheim Germany for the Stadt.Wand.Kunst festival, ECB set the bar higher than ever before in Germany with his portrait of Siberian woman, „Vera“ who now watches over the city for the locals.

1608_HENDRIK_BEIKIRCH_StadtWandKunst_AKrziwanie-3232 1608_HENDRIK_BEIKIRCH_StadtWandKunst_AKrziwanie-32461608_HENDRIK_BEIKIRCH_StadtWandKunst_AKrziwanie-3186 1608_HENDRIK_BEIKIRCH_StadtWandKunst_AKrziwanie-3301  1608_HENDRIK_BEIKIRCH_StadtWandKunst_AKrziwanie-3373 1608_HENDRIK_BEIKIRCH_StadtWandKunst_AKrziwanie-33801608_HENDRIK_BEIKIRCH_StadtWandKunst_AKrziwanie-35471608_HENDRIK_BEIKIRCH_StadtWandKunst_AKrziwanie-31641608_HENDRIK_BEIKIRCH_StadtWandKunst_AKrziwanie-3346 1608_HENDRIK_BEIKIRCH_StadtWandKunst_AKrziwanie-37401608_HENDRIK_BEIKIRCH_StadtWandKunst_AKrziwanie-3701

Hendrik Beikirch ECB for Stadt.Wand.Kunst in Mannheim Germany
Photography by © Alexander Krziwanie / MontanaCans