If you weren’t already aware, there are 50 states in the USA. 48 of them are joined continually and there are 2 that are not. Hawaii and Alaska. And as Victor Ving and Lisa Beggs have already brought there Greetings Tour mural work to the sun drenched Hawaii, it was time to head north and and tick the last state off the list.

The trek from the USA to Alaska is renowned to be notoriously difficult. But that didn’t stop them reaching the destination in one piece. After arriving in the Alaska, the first step was to find a wall and some willing supporters for the project. The compass led them to Anchorage which is the largest city in the state. Once contacting the Anchorage Downtown Partnership, the GREETINGS TOUR mission was shared and they were immediately on board with some possible sites for a mural. The one that was chosen was the Alaska Travel Industry Association.

The Greeting Tour goes north

With a van full of designs, ideas and Montana GOLD and Montana BLACK cans, there was nothing stopping the artwork from starting. Typically Beggs and Ving paint sunrise, to sunset. But in a place where the summer sun is still up at midnight, this was not an an option. Nor was letting the thief steal their bikes off their van who left empty handed. All in all, again an amazing mural was made, many great friendships were made and Anchorage joined the list of happy states to get a mural. See some amazing documentation and the letter guide here:

A — Katmai Brown Bear L — (cont.) Bear Catching Salmon A — Denali View South S — (cont.) Bush Plane K — Kenai Fjords National Park, Whale Tale A — (cont.) Bald Eagle & Kayakers


All images by Lisa Beggs

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