For the 36th edition of the Greetings Tour mural project, Lisa Beggs and Victor Ving didn’t just go all city, or all state. They took their Greetings over seas for the first time! The “GREETINGS FROM BERMUDA” mural was inspired by all the elements that Beggs and Ving thought were truely Bermuda. With a little help from London born, New York based artists Dominic Corry, this 35′ x 20′ mural floats 14′ off the ground even before it starts.

But what is truely Bermuda you may ask? For the Greetings team, the contents equated to pastel colored cottages with limestone stepped roofs that filter rainwater, weathered island landscapes, moongates that symbolize good luck for newlyweds, red telephone booths depicting the island’s British roots (if driving on the left hand side of the road wasn’t enough) and the forts of the Royal Dockyards.

The GREETINGS team goes overseas

The mural took five long days of hard work in the sun. Except for KFC that had been there for a long time, thanks to a local law excluding franchises from trading on the island Beggs and Ving were well prepared and had their Montana Cans paint shipped to the island in advance. The Montana BLACK and Montana GOLD cans were exactly what the sun drenched island required for anything that has to stand the test of time. They even featured the Montana GOLD color BERMUDA, which was a nice touch of coincidence to leave a smile. For a first time overseas, Bermuda was definitely an ideal place to go international. Check out the mural here and see the image code below to see what is featured in each letter.

Letter Guide

B — Bermudian architecture / E — Tobacco Bay / R — Tobacco Bay / M — Moongate / U — Dockyards / D — Dockyards, longtail bird / A — British style telephone booth

All images by Lisa Beggs

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