Iconic Series – Futura 2000

montana-cansxfuturaOn November 17th, iconic graffiti artist FUTURA will turn 60. To celebrate his birthday and decades worth of artistic output, MONTANA-CANS have created a special colorway, the FUTURA 2000 Black, as part of their Iconic Series. For the global pre-launch, FUTURA asked his friends at ACRONYM® to collaborate on an exclusive design to appear on the can, produced in a limited run and for this occasion only.


Montana BLACK spray paint is famous for its superior quality. High-covering and quick-drying NC-Formula lacquer. The  high pressure system allows perfect handling.


On November 19th, the project will be premiered at the BEINGHUNTED. Space in Berlin with new artworks, paintings and a series of drawings, by FUTURA. ACRONYM® has provided a small number of their yet to be released J1A-GT jacket – an updated version of the legendary first ACRONYM® piece from 2002 – as well as a limited amount of the 3A-9TS bag. Each item will be customized/painted by FUTURA and available for purchase.

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Iconic Series - Futura 2000
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