We hope your fingers have been itching to get creative and crafty with some video tutorials we have in store for you. Hamburg-based DIY-aficionado Jessica Stuckstätte has just the right project to get your creative juices flowing. With the help of some stencils and our Montana GOLD cans she has adorned a stylish kit bag and a tote with iconic motifs. To begin, you will need a bag that you wish to spruce up, a stencil, some old newspaper or magazine pages, masking tape and a couple of cans in your favorite colors from our Montana GOLD series. For starters you will need to find a stencil you like. You can create your own, buy one at your trusted craft store, or like Jessica, rely on The Street Art Stencil Book by ON.Studio. MONTANA DIY PROJECT 02 STENCILED BAGS

Once you have chosen your stencil, it’s time to get to work. Start by laying out your bag on a flat covered surface and position the stencil where you’d like it to be. Using some old newspaper, cover the area around the stencil to prevent it from getting sprayed. To be safe, tape it down as shown. Now choose a color of Montana GOLD spray paint and cover the cut-out areas of your stencil in back and forth motions. Make sure to shake your can well before you start spraying. Also, always start spraying slightly next to your stencil and begin moving over the cut-out area, to prevent spattering. Once you’ve covered your area nicely, you can add an additional color for more depth, if you like.

The Montana GOLD spray cans are prefect for any kind of DIY project, especially when layering colors because of their short drying time. The acrylic-based paint will affix to all kinds of different surfaces, even fabric. Thanks to the low-pressure of the can, it’s not only great for indoor crafting, but also is a good way for beginners to get accustomed to the can as a crafting utensil. Once you are happy with your result, it’s time for the big reveal. Carefully peel off the newspaper and stencil and stand back to admire your work! This bag is definitely one of a kind. Handmade by you.

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