Every time you go to a flea market or a garage sale, you see these stacks of old plates, all mismatched and vintage looking. They have this old-school-cool feel about them, but what to DO with them once you have brought them to your home? Do we ever have a project for you! In this video, Hamburg-based DIY-devotee Jessica Stuckstätte will show you how to combine new-school and old-school to just make ‘cool’! First off, you will need some old plates, skinny wash tape, stickers in different shapes (for instance, round reinforcement labels), a precision knife, some self-adhesive plate or picture hangers and a couple of cans in your favorite colors from our Montana GOLD series.

Step one will be creating your design on your plates. This is where you really can try anything you can dream of, writing out words with wash tape for example, or using any kind of sticker in odd shapes to create the design you imagined. Once you’re happy with your designs, coat your plates in your favorite colors with your Montana GOLD spray paint. This particular series is perfect for any kind of crafting project. The acrylic-based spray paint will adhere smoothly to your surface for a fantastic finish.

The easy-to-use low-pressure spray makes this can a great tool, especially for beginners. Make sure to create a smooth and even coating by keeping your can in constant motion while spraying. Once your paint is dry, use the precision knife to help peel the tape or stickers off of your plate. Attach your self-adhesive plate or picture hangers to the back of your finished plates and hang them. These one of a kind wall decorations will definitely attract attention in all the right ways. Handmade by you. MONTANA DIY PROJECT 03 PIMPED PLATES

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