Dmitri ASKE is a prolific Russian artist that has often been featured on our Montana Cans Blog. And it’s easy to see why as his artwork is not only technically exceptional but always beautiful to look at. On his most recent mural on the 9B Gallery in Nizhniy Novgorod, Russia, he explored the relationship between parents and their children. With special emphasis on the way, both update their mind set between their generational gap to make their communication more positive and productive. This pleasant take on contemporary family relationships is cleverly called “Software Update”.

New Mural by Dmitri Aske

“Software update” Mural by Dmitri Aske

With photographer colleague Katerina Spekhova, ASKE manages to brave the Russian rain and cold to create an impressive mural. The Russian pre-winter chill was a non issue as ASKE remembered to first slip his warm hands into a pair of Montana Winter Gloves. And the reliability of the Montana BLACK cans in the snow made his modern-day paint by numbers artwork a breeze. However, bear in mind he is the creator of the image, the color selection and where the numbers go! If you can’t make it to Nizhniy Novgorod, then enjoy the artwork here.

New Mural by Dmitri Aske

An impressive mural, “Software Update” is best seen while sitting near a heater, or in a warm country.

Software update

Images by Dmitri Aske & Katerina Spekhova