OUT OF AFRICA –  CHARITY CAMPAIGN FOR KIDS IN KENYA. Currently Alex and Frank of the MontanaCans Team are volunteering at the Nyota day care centre in western Kenya. The kindergarden was build to help children in need, especially for those who lost their parents. The Nyota projects is supported by MontanaCans since 2008. With yearly donations plus free goods like ACRYLIC paint, pencils, brushes we try to help the grassroots initiative. While volunteering in Africa at the day care centre Alex and Frank startet together with two other friends a fundraising campaign called „Four for Lwala – our fundraising for kids in Kenya“. See more images after jump.

1410_Nyota_Kenia-6550-021410_Nyota_KiTa_Painting-0128 1410_Nyota_KiTa_Painting-0177 1410_Nyota_KiTa_Painting-0181 1410_Nyota_KiTa_Painting-0189 1410_Nyota_KiTa_Painting-0197 1410_Nyota_KiTa_Painting-0208 1410_Nyota_KiTa_Painting-0324 1410_Nyota_KiTa_Painting-7647 1412_Nyota_Asante-8070-01_630

“ASANTE” is swahili and means “THANK YOU”

Please feel free to share this project, donations can be also done here: