Score & Fence (BLUES Crew) spent one week in the amazing city of Moscow. For those who didn’t know, Moscow is ranked 4th amongst the most expensive cities around the world and has about 17 million habitants. The huge metro system lies deeply under the ground of the capital and amazes with impressive metro stations that resemble ancient ballrooms. We were really suprised by the beauty of the city and the people of Russia. See more pictures after the jump.



Our first stop on a very hot summer day was at the “Just Writing My Name” Event which was well organized by Montana Cans Russia. Around 50 graffiti writers from all over Russia were painting with us on a long wall on the backside of a subway line (images coming soon). It was great to see how the russian graffiti scene is developing a great variety of styles.


The second stop was a huge 500 squaremeter wall in the south of Moscow which was provided by the MOST Festival 2013. The size of the wall was a big challange for us and we had lots of trouble making it happen. Due to a lot of unfavourable circumstances such as a broken electricity generator, a weak projector and the early sunrise – it really was a race against time. But with the great support by Montana Cans Russia and the MOST Festival Team, two japanese lifts and many helpful locals, we managed to finish the mural in time after 2 days of hard work. Finally, we had the pleasure to sip some great russian vodka with our Russian friends on the last night!


Big thanks to Alexey, Sergery, Ches, Liza and everybody else who helped us out!
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photography by score & fence