ROCHESTER NY, Thur July 24, 2014 – Pressing on through the hot summer sun and occasional rain the WALL\THERAPY mural artists are continuing their week long endeavor to create breathtaking portraits around the Rochester NY area. With 12 artists armed with Montana spray cans, they have been busily adding some much needed color to the city scape. See more images after jump.

Artists Sam Rodriguez was first to finish a mural, incorporating a seductive female face and the straight line work of typography. Photo By @ChasetheArt (Seen next to the @PixelPancho image from previous year’s event).

Screen Shot 2014-07-24 at 1.46.45 PM

Along the same stretch of wall as Sam Rodriguez’s piece is the first #walltherapy mural by OMEN, who fought the gusts of wind to lay down the image of this lovely lady. Photo from Josh Saunders @HelioSun Photography.


The third mural to see a quick completion was Jarus, who shared with Rochester a dark haired woman and her feline companion, shrouded in green mist on a floating couch. Photograph by Tomas Flint.


Not all murals taking place this year at WALL\THERAPY is of the female form. Ernest Shaw, Jr. added the colorful visage of Jimi Hendricks to the historic Susan B. Anthony neighborhood of Rochester. There has been a steady stream of locals stopping by to snag their photo with this new piece. Photo by Josh Saunders @HelioSun Photography.

WT14_0721_JS_Shaw_01Screen Shot 2014-07-24 at 1.16.29 PM

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The artists can be found on Instagram:
Sam Rodriguez — @samrodriguezart #samrodriguezart
Jarus — @youngjarus #jarus
Omen — @omen514 #omen514
Ernest Shaw Jr — @eshaw_art #earnestshawjr