CL5220 Denim Stonewashed

montana-gold-cl5220CL5220 Denim Stonewashed – The color of your favorite pair of jeans is now available in a can. The darkest shade of the Montana Denim family, with CL5210 Denim being its closest relative, will endure all of the elements just as well as its eponym. Made in Germany.


Montana GOLD color shade CL5220 Denim Stonewashed
Table shows detailed information on pigments, lightfastness and digital values to display the color. Montana GOLD spray paint is famous for its superior quality. High-covering and quick-drying NC-Acrylic lacquer.




montana-true-color-swatchAll 215 Montana GOLD colors can be found on the Montana GOLD true tone color swatch – Covering the full Montana GOLD range, TECH sprays, EFFECT sprays and Montana Level Caps, the swatch is practical and concise in a format that is handy to use in any context.


CL5220 Denim Stonewashed
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